RECOMMENDED READING: "Israel and Nazi Germany, Tweedldee and Tweedldum"


A Palestinian journalist frequently carried on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website has written another in a series of articles comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. In this piece, titled “Israel and Nazi Germany, Tweedldee and Tweedldum”, Khalid Amayreh writes:

…we can’t really ignore the absolute similarity between the Zionist ethnic conquest of Palestine and the implanting therein of ‘Jewish settlers’ at the expense of the native Palestinian Muslims and Christians, and the Nazi drive for ‘Lebensraum’ in Poland and the importation of ‘Aryans’ at the expense of the indigenous population. Yes, there in Europe, the Nazis sought to steal the Sudetenland and here in Palestine , the Zionists are stealing the West Bank. The arguments are the same, the lies are the same and the means are nearly identical. We need to highlight these similarities and the ‘common ground’ between Zionism and Nazism, irrespective of how many people will be upset by these comparisons. The truth is always a paramount value in itself. The Nazi-like occupation of Palestine by Israel is not the act of a few Israeli Jews. It is not even the act of the military establishment alone. It is the collective act of a morally desensitized society that has nearly lost its humanity and succumbed to a collective psychosis that is not unlike the moral blindness that struck the German people more than sixty years ago. In some ways, Palestinians have fared far worse than Hitler’s victims; for the Palestinian tragedy is ongoing and Palestinians, unlike Jews, who still receive compensation for losses dating back sixty years, receive no reparations for lost personal property, not even an acknowledgment from their tormenters of any responsibility for their dispossession.

Previous posts have discussed other articles by Mr. Amayreh calling Israeli actions in Gaza “” a merciless and brutal rampage of murder and terror waged by a Wehrmacht-like army against a blockaded, beleaguered and starved people” and calling Israel a “sick and cannibalistic society that is as bestial as Nazi Germany was during the holocaust.”

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