Anti Gaza Blockade Campaigners To Met With High-Ranking EU Official


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website is reporting that a delegation from an anti-Gaza blockade campaign was expected to meet with high-ranking EU official Javier Solana,. According to the report:

A high-level delegation of the European campaign for ending the siege is expected to meet on Wednesday with Javier Solana, the European Union (EU) high representative for the common foreign and security policy, to explore ways of lifting the Israeli blockade imposed on impoverished Gaza people. Dr. Arafat Abu Madi, the head of the campaign, said Tuesday that the delegation would include former British minister of international development Clare Short, member of the British house of lords Jenny Tonge, Scottish lawmaker Pauline McNeill, vice president of the European parliament Luisa Morgantini and member of the European parliament Chris Davis. Dr. Abu Madi also said that the delegation would ask Solana to actively move to end the Israeli siege imposed on the Palestinians in Gaza and to pressure Israel to release the lawmakers imprisoned in its jails. The Brussels-based European campaign had worked during the past few months on sending several European parliamentary delegations to Gaza in addition to the humanitarian hope convoy. It is also in constant contact with European officials and lawmakers to keep them informed about the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

The campaign in question is likely the “European Campaign to end the siege on Gaza” and which a NEFA Foundation report documents as having numerous ties to the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), essentially the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Previous posts have discussed the campaign aimed at ending the Israeli blockade likely orchestrated by the global Muslim Brotherhood and its European representatives.

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