Berlin Palestinian Conference To Feature Hamas Legislator


According to an announcement by the Federation of Islamic Organizations In Europe (FIOE), Hamas legislator Aziz Al Duwaik will be the major guest at the upcoming 8th Palestinians in Europe Conference which will be held in Berlin from May 7-8. According to the announcement: _41337206_duwaikafp203b.jpg

It was announced in Berlin that the Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament Dr. Aziz Al Duwaik will be heading the guest list at the 8th Palestinians in Europe Conference, which will be held in the German capital soon, as well as other prominent Palestinian figures. The Palestinians in Europe are preparing to hold their 8th annual conference, which will convene in a few weeks time in Berlin the German capital, in an event which is expected to attract wide-spread political and media interest and huge public attendance. Thousands of Palestinians from all over the European continent are participating in this event, which will be attended by active, prominent Palestinian figures from Palestine and abroad, as well as public figures and representatives of organizations and supportive entities from Europe and the Islamic and Arab worlds. The 8th annual Palestinians in Europe Conference will be held on the 8th of May 2010 under the motto of “Our Return is Eminent and Freedom to our Prisoners of War”, with the participation of groups of Palestinians from all over the European continent, and organized by the General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, and the Palestinian Return Center and the Palestinian Assembly in Germany. The conference will host the prominent Palestinian leader Sheikh Raed Saleh, the head of the Islamic movement in Palestine, and the leader Salah Salah, Dr.Abdel Ghany Altamimy the head of the Palestinian Scholars Abroad Association, and the parliamentarian Hossam Khedr, and the renowned writer Belal Al Hassan, Wael Alsaka the head of the Gaza Repatriation Association. Guests of the conference also include the human rights activist Ghassan Abeed from Friends of Humanity International, the photographer from Reuters Mohamed Gadallah from Gaza who won the best photograph award for 2009 which documented the Israeli army throwing phosphoric bombs on a school in Gaza, as well as other human rights activists

A BBC report identifies Aziz Al Duwaik as a university professor and Hamas member from the West Bank. Raed Salah is known to be a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Israel who was recently convicted of assault.

Other individuals identified in the above report as associated with the conference include:

  • Khaled Alzaher- Secretary General of the Assembly of Palestinians in Germany (Palästinensische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland)
  • Majed Alzeer- head of the conference and the general manager of the Palestinian Return Center
  • Adel Abdallah- Secretary General of the Europeans in Europe Conference (aka Adel Doghman, head of the Palästinensische Vereinigung in Österreich)

The report also states that the conference will focus on:

…the issue of the prisoners of war, whereby it will host public figures and guest speakers who are specialized in this issue, as well as highlighting the cause in the activities and events included in the conference, as per the decisions of the 7th Palestinians in Europe Conference held in Milan Italy in May 2009.

Another report from the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), one of the conference organizers, says that Berlin was chose as the conference venue to emphasize the German responsibility for the situation of the Palestinians:

As Berlin is the host of this event there are many indications to show, especially the historical side of Berlin which is the 2nd world war. Following that war, waves of migrations went to Palestine in a step of establishing the state of Occupation, Israel. This makes it clear about the historical responsibility towards the suffering of Palestinians and its ramifications of the Nakba and ethnic cleansing.

A previous post discussed the background of the conference and profiled the PRC which has many ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood including the Hamas fun-raising charity coalition known as the Union of Good. In addition to the individuals identified in that post linked to the Union, it should be noted that the Palästinensische Vereinigung in Österreich is an Austrian member and one of the previously unidentified conference organizers, Dr. Mohammad Hannoun, is the head of the Associazione Benefica di Solidarietà con il Popolo Palestinese (A.B.S.P.P), the Italian Union of Good member organization.

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