Dutch Political Parties Demand Debate About Upcoming Conference Tied To Muslim Brotherhood


Dutch media is reporting that four political parties want a debate about an upcoming conference in the Netherlands that is co-sponsored by the Dutch Muslim Brotherhood organization together with an organization with extensive ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Salafi scholars. According to a translated report from the Telegraaf newspaper:

The Lower House wants an emergency debate with Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice) on a late May conference in Amsterdam about the future of Islam in the Netherlands. PVV’er Raymond de Roon, who started the debate, wants to know what the involvement of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood is at the meeting. PVV also asks whether foreign participants may be excluded by not giving them visas…In the 2009 annual report of the AIVD intelligence service, which appeared Tuesday, the Muslim Brotherhood is described as a radical Islamic movement, which mostly seems to strive for a Muslim-friendly climate in Europe. But it is “conceivable that the very orthodox interpretation of Islam places it on a tense footing with the principles of the democratic order.” One of the organizations behind the event is the International Support Organization, according to intelligence sources, a front organization for the International Union of Muslim Scholars, led by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi from Qatar. This notorious Muslim brother has issued fatwas in which suicide bombers were approved. In a U.S. lawsuit, a picture emerged where he stands alongside leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah. Qaradawi believes that Islam will overpower Europe by preaching.

Another Dutch newspaper reported that three other parties were in agreement about the need for a debate.

The conference, titled “Islam in Holland – Meditating on the Present and Future Horizons” is scheduled for May 30. The information about the International Support Organization and its ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Salafi scholars was first reported by the GMBDW in an earlier post.

(Note: news article was machine translated)

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