Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood Joins Accusations That Succession Part Of US/Israeli Conspiracy


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood of Sudan has called on Arab and Islamic nations to “save Sudan from the Us-Israeli schemes to divide it.” According to the Egyptian Brotherhood website:

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan has called on Arab and Islamic nations to defend Sudan’s unity, and to save Sudan from the US-Israeli schemes underway to divide it. In their statement, they called on Muslims worldwide to work in keeping the Sudanese borders secure and fortified and to stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people. They cited: “It is no secret that there is a conspiracy aimed at fragmenting the unity of Sudan and the Arab/Muslim world if ignored it will reach its purpose. We pray humbly to for the country’s stability and the nation’s unity”

Previous posts have reported on Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi’s accusations that the secession crisis is part of a “Zionist conspiracy.”

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