Muslim American Society Leader Recovering From Stroke


The Muslim American Society (MAS) has reported that Mahdi Bray, head of the MAS Freedom Foundation, is recovering from a cerebral stroke. According to the report:

Imam Mahdi will Insha Allah be having open head surgery on Friday morning at 8am to remove a blood clot. This will help in alleviating his persistently elevated blood pressure since the stroke. His condition has improved since the stroke, but he is in need of your dua. Please ask Allah to give him success tomorrow and cure him fully. There is still no visitation allowed.


Imam Mahdi was working till late night on Wednesday December 29th, 2010, may the Almighty Allah accept from him. It seemed he developed cerebral stroke while sleeping and was immediately transferred to the hospital. He was found to have very high blood pressure and initial CT scan showed he has a hemorrhage in his brain. Repeated scan later in the day showed stable bleeding. An angiogram of his brain showed intact blood vessels. Alhamdulillah, he didn’t need any surgical intervention. He is currently in the Neurosurgical ICU under strict observation.

He was conscious today, recognized friends and family, and held brief conversations. We are hopeful his condition will continue to stabilize insha’Allah. Imam Mahdi is in need of your prayers to go through this episode and fully recover. Since he is still in critical condition, we are asking visitors to hold off until his condition improves insha’Allah.

The MAS was identified in a Hudson Institute report as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and closely tied to the Egyptian organization. Numerous posts have discussed the activities of Mr. Bray who according to a 2009 Investigative Project investigation had an undisclosed criminal background.

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