MIDEAST CRISIS: Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Palestinian Refugees To Resist Compromise On Right of Return


Jordanian media is reporting that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood has called on Palestinian refugees not to compromise on the “right of return.” According to a report posted on a Jordanian news portal:  

AMMONNEWS – The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan on Tuesday called on Palestinian refugees to stand against the “conspiracy” to compromise on the right of return, parts of which were exposed in the recently leaked reports by the pan-Arab satellite network, Al Jazeera.Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson Jamil Abu Baker called on the Jordanian government to resist the Palestinian Authority plans to offer concessions on the rights of refugees, especially that Jordan hosts the largest number of Palestinian refugees. In a press statement on Tuesday, Abu Baker stressed that the right of return is the “soul of the Palestinian cause,” and highlighted the danger of the steps taken by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials to cede “this historic, legal, and inalienable sacred right.” “Accepting any solution of what has been offered is a termination of the Palestinian cause,” he added. He also noted that the cause of Palestinian refugees is not a matter of “reparations” but rather a case of “rights that cannot be conceded,” adding that no one can be delegated to on behalf of Palestinian people to compromise such rights. Abu Baker stressed on the “danger of allowing the PA to negotiate solely” and condemned the Arab silence towards this matter. The Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson held Arab regimes accountable for the case of Palestinian refugees, the regimes he says “have pardoned themselves from any legal, national, or moral responsibility towards the refugees.” He concluded by saying that such concessions will not be accepted by current or future Palestinian generations, “who will continue to insist on the right of return in the homeland and in diaspora.”

An earlier post discussed large anti-government demonstration organized by the Jordanian Brotherhood.

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