Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Plan Islamic Legislation; Blame “Friends Of Israel” For Criticism


Egyptian media is reporting that in a Friday symposium, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders said that the Brotherhood “aims to apply Islamic legislation” and blames “friends of Israel” for conducting “smear campaigns” against the organization. According to a report in Al-Masry Al-Youm:

The Muslim Brotherhood aims to apply Islamic legislation and we don’t seek an alternative. If Copts knew their rights in Islam, they would seek the application of Islamic law,’ said Sobhi Saleh, a leading Muslim Brotherhood (MB) member in a symposium called ‘Egypt Post Revolution.’ The event was held Friday in the city of Qafr al-Dawar in Beheira Governorate. ‘Any citizen has the right to run for any position, and voters have the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ The Muslim Brotherhood will not vote for a woman or a Copt in presidential elections. He or she has the right to run for the position, and we have the right to vote for whomever we want.’ Saleh stressed that remnants of the former regime still exist along with about 53000 ‘thieves’ in local councils. Saleh criticized media outlets and accused them of spreading rumors. He mentioned that some media outlets said that the MB supports Mohamed ElBaradei, and denied that such reports were true. ‘Muslim Brotherhood members are not foolish enough to support a presidential candidate six months before presidential elections,’ said Saleh. He added: ‘Media organizations still have some friends of Israel, who conduct smear campaigns on Muslim Brotherhood.’  Dr. Mohamed al-Beltagy, MB member and a former member of parliament, said in the same symposium that some media outlets aim at driving a wedge between classes in Egyptian society. Dr. Heshmat Gamal, MB Shura Council member, said that the Muslim Brotherhood is not afraid of media attempts to tarnish its image. He also said that some inexperienced MB youth do not know how to deal with media outlets, and they behave in a way that causes people to misunderstand them. MB Deputy Supreme Guide Mahmoud Ezzat said that the group stands ready to cooperate with all political groups in parliamentary elections. ‘We don’t seek a majority of the parliament,’ said Ezzat, claiming that the MB wants the parliament to be a balanced council that includes all political movements. ‘Some people think that the MB tries to provide help with all types of social services in order to gain votes in elections, but that’s not true. We help people because the look of satisfaction in the eyes of Egyptians is better than a seat in the parliament or a high position,’ said Ezzat at the conference. ‘The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t need to prove that it is a ‘reality’ in Egyptian society,’ said Ali Fateh al-Bab, former MB parliament member. ‘The Freedom and Justice Party, which represents the group, doesn’t differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian. Human beings have equality in Islam. For belief and personal matters, each sect has its own book.’

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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