Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Former Candidate Calls For Egypt To Rid Itself Of Foreign Women’s Rights Groups


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website has reported that a Brotherhood candidate in the 2010 parliamentary elections has called on Egypt to “rid itself of European and US women’s rights organizations.” According to a MEMRI translation:

Rada ‘Abdallah, who ran as a candidate for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s 2010 parliamentary elections, called for the country to rid itself of the European and U.S. women’s rights organizations that had recently appeared in the Arab countries, chiefly Egypt, where they were striving, she claimed, to take over women’s affairs. ‘Abdallah said that Arab society was capable of protecting the status of its women without outside help, and that this must be done in accordance with the shari’a.

Source:, April 17, 2011

Previous posts have discussed an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader’s call for the establishment of a “virtue police” and continued plans by the Brotherhood to bar women from holding the Presidency.


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