RECOMMENDED READING “Human Trafficking In The Sinai: To Fight It We Need To Know It”


CNN reporter Fred Pleitgen has posted an article titled “Human Trafficking In The Sinai: To Fight It We Need To Know It” which examines the cooperation between Hamas and human traffickers in the Sinai. The article begins.

Milan, February 21, 2013. Human trafficking in the Sinai. After years of hard work fighting this brutal phenomenon (which causes the deaths of hundreds of young sub-Saharan Africans and which takes place,  year after year, among the general indifference of the world), EveryOne Group is once again appealing to the United Nations, the civilized world and the governments of the countries involved, to seriously tackle this form of organized crime.Combating this plague, that has now infested many African nations – with the complicity of politics, public security, armed forces, the judiciary, health and religious authorities – will take something more powerful than normal police forces. The trafficking of human beings and slaves, in fact, is organized like the Italian ‘Ndrangheta: it controls institutions, associations, companies, hotels, and large properties. It has special contacts with banks and financial institutions, customs, money transfer agencies, and clinics. After EveryOne Group reported in the media the connivance between the Eritrean and Sudanese armed forces and traffickers, the institutions have considered the problem from this new point of view, and the media has published interesting articles that describe the criminal trafficking in Africa. For example, it has shed light on the role of the security services and the kidnapping of Eritrean refugees to extort ransom money.  “

The report goes on later to state “EveryOne Group has been reporting this close cooperation between Hamas (which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood) and jihadist traffickers for years, and has provided ample evidence.”

Read the entire report here

The Money Jihad blog also has further information on the is subject.

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