British Ambassador Meets Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide For The First Time


A Middle East news portal reported that the Supreme Guide of the  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Muhammed Badie, met the British Ambassador for the first time on Sunday. According to a Middle East Monitor report:

The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr Muhammad Badie, received Mr James Watt, British Ambassador in Cairo, in his office yesterday. At the beginning of the meeting, the British ambassador expressed his pleasure of meeting the Supreme Guide for the third time, and condemned the campaign of attacks against the headquarters of political parties and civil associations. He added that this meeting was one of a series with the various political parties and popular forces to have a better understanding of the current crisis in Egypt. Ambassador Watt emphasised the need for all parties to engage in dialogue and avoid violence. On his part, the Supreme Guide thanked the ambassador for his visit and praised his condemnation of all forms of violence. He also emphasised that the Muslim Brotherhood denounces violence, and will not respond to the opposition’s violence with the same; instead, they will respond to criminality with the law. Dr Badie affirmed the Brotherhood’s faith in the Egyptian people and their ability to distinguish between those working for the country and those working against it, as well as those who condemn violence and those who employ it or give it political cover.”

A post from November 2012 reported that Dr. Badie denounced peace efforts with Israel and said that “jihad is obligatory” for Muslims. A post from the same week reported that Dr. Badie was in the Gaza Strip where he blamed the death of innocent children on the “Zionist US-made war machine.” Earlier posts reported on Badie’s past statements that included predicting the end of the United States, asserting a “U.S,/Zionist conspiracy” in the secession of South Sudan, and praising radical Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb.

For a profile of Muhammad Badie, go here.

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