RECOMMENDED READING: “LInks Between Media Attacks On UAE And Muslim Brotherhood In UK”


Media in the UAE have published a comprehensive report on the ties between UK Muslim Brotherhood organizations and a series of media attacks on the UAE. According to a summary report in The National:

Anas Al-Tikriti

Individuals and organisations in London with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are behind a series of media attacks on the UAE, an investigation by The National can reveal.

They include the Emirates Centre for Human Rights, which has used the BBC and The Wall Street Journal to condemn the UAE’s human rights record and support for the new Egyptian government.

While claiming to represent the interests of those ‘seeking only democracy’, the centre was in fact created by known sympathisers of the Muslim Brotherhood cause. They include Anas Altikriti, a British citizen of Iraqi descent who accuses the UAE of putting pressure on the UK to ban the Muslim Brotherhood there.

Mr Altikriti is the son of Osama Altikriti, the former secretary-general of the Iraqi Islamic Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq.

Other connections include a news website, Middle East Eye, which says ‘all sides of arguments are heard on an impartial platform’. Its editor denies links with the Brotherhood but refuses to disclose who funds the website, which employs full-time journalists.

Jamal Bassasso, sole director of the company that owns Middle East Eye, is a former director of Al Jazeera, and of the company that operates the website of the Hamas-controlled Al Quds TV.”

Read the rest here.

For a much longer investigative piece with graphics, go here.

In November 2013, the GMBDW reported that the UK-based Emirates Centre for Human Rights was tied to the wife of Anas Al-Tikriti.

Anas Al-Tikriti is the son of Osama Al-Tikriti, one of the leaders of the Iraqi Islamic Party representing the Muslim Brotherhood in that country. In addition to his role at Cordoba, Al-Tikriti is one of the leaders of the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), part of the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) had for many years been the most active organization in the U.K Muslim Brotherhood but many of the leaders of the MAB left in 2007 to form the BMI. According to an Israeli think-tank report, the breakup appeared to be the result of a conflict between traditionalists in the MAB who were unhappy with the high level of involvement in U.K left-wing politics while those who who formed the BMI wished such activity to continue. 

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