Egypt Accuses Muslim Brotherhood of Orchestrating Yesterday’s Cairo Explosions


Islamist media is reporting that Egypt has accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being behind a series of explosions that were set off in Cairo yesterday. According to a report in the Middle East Monitor, the Brotherhood has denied the charges:

3543827_370June 26, 2014 Five hand-made explosive were detonated in Cairo yesterday, including 4 at metro stations. The Egyptian ministry of interior has accused the Muslim Brotherhood of orchestrating five hand-made explosions that went off in subway stations and outside a court in Cairo during Wednesday morning’s rush hour, wounding at least five.

Speaking to Turkish news agency Anadolu, Interior Ministry Spokesperson Hani Abdel-Latif said: ‘This is a desperate attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation to prove they still exist,’ using the military regime’s post-coup terminology to describe the non-violent Islamist movement.

He added: ‘Security services captured a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in the metro station of Shubra Al-Kaima while holding a bag with the remains of explosive powder, [in addition to]the slogans of Islamist groups [being]found in his mobile.’

Abdel-Latif described this as a ‘desperate attempt’ to disrupt what he called the ‘prevailing state of stability’ in the country.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood denied any involvement in the attacks. In a statement reported by Anadolu, the movement denounced the attackers, ‘whoever they are.’

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