New Office of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Issues Statement Condemning Regime


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s new Office of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Abroad has issued a statement condemning what it calls “violence and Junta practices in Egypt.” The statement begins:

30 June 2015 19:11

Below is the full text of the statement released by the Muslim Brotherhood Abroad:

After two years of bloody military coup against the democratically elected government – through fair elections as recognised and reaffirmed by the coup commander himself in several international forums, Egypt still suffers one failure after another, one setback after another. Now, its very future is grave danger.

Instead of the security and stability promised by the coup commander, Egypt is being pushed with increasing speed to the fate of a failed state after topping the list of the most fragile states.

Immediately after the killing of the public prosecutor – a horrid crime no doubt, the ruling military regime – without investigations, and in a clear political score-settling campaign, rushed to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood despite the group’s unambiguous strong condemnation of the killing in its statement yesterday.

Immediately after the incident, the military-appointed regime (through its State Information Service) distributed leaflets to foreign ministries and embassies as well as international media agencies in a clearly organised campaign to condemn and discredit the Egyptian Revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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In April, the GMBDW reported that the the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood had announced that it had selected a new head for what was described as the “Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Administrative Office abroad.” At that time, we were unclear about the nature of this new office but shortly thereafter the Egyptian Brotherhood issued a second statement explaining the purpose of the new organization as well as identifying it director as Dr Ahmed Abdel Rahman:

Exiled members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood today issued the founding statement of a new board to conduct its activities. The statement which was signed by its director, Dr Ahmed Abdel Rahman, revealed that the Brotherhood had within the framework of the overall revisions and restructuring of its institutions, elected a new board aboard ‘to be at the disposal of the Egyptian people’s revolution.’

The board affirmed that it will continue to pursue the goals of the 25 January Revolution – bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity.

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It now appears that the Office of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Abroad is a new administrative mechanism designed to coordinate the affairs of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members who have fled the country and are now residing abroad.

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