RECOMMENDED READING: “Jeremy Corbyn, Friend To Hamas, Iran And Extremists”


The Daily Telegraph has published a report on the ties between UK MP Jeremy Corbyn, currently a candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party, and a variety of extremist and terrorist organizations including Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the report:

July 18, 2015 Between 2004 and 2008, the Iranian-backed Mahdi Army militia, led by Muqtada al-Sadr, killed at least 70 British soldiers, not to mention thousands of Iraqi civilians. Last February, the man who might become the next leader of the Labour Party shared a platform with al-Sadr’s British representative.

Jeremy Corbyn was helping Sayyed Hassan al-Sadr celebrate ‘the all-encompassing revolution,’ the 35th anniversary of the ayatollahs’ takeover in Iran. In his talk, entitled ‘The Case for Iran,’ he called for the immediate scrapping of sanctions on the country, which had not then promised to restrict its nuclear programme, attacked its colonial exploitation by British business and called for an end to its ‘demonisation’ by the West.

With Mr Corbyn now topping the constituency nominations for the Labour leadership, and backed by the Unite union, the party’s biggest donor,most attention has focused on the escapist heritage artefact that is his economic policy, complete with tax rises, an end to all cuts and the expropriation of private landlords’ property through a tenant right-to-buy.

But if he does win, Labour will also be in the extraordinary position of having as its leader a man with among the most extensive links in Parliament to terrorists, extremists and hardline regimes.’

Mr Corbyn, The Telegraph can reveal, has taken thousands of pounds in gifts from organisations closely linked to the terror group Hamas, whose operatives he once described as ‘friends’. He has travelled to Tehran at the expense of a secretive British-Iranian multi-millionaire who has employed a number of other British parliamentarians as consultants to build business links with the country.”

He has hosted, promoted and vigorously defended vicious anti-Semites and racists. Nor, of course, was the al-Sadr talk the first time that Mr Corbyn came a little too close to killers of British troops. From the mid-Eighties, a decade before the IRA ceasefire, he worked hard to build links between Labour and the Provos, regularly hosting senior figures from their political wing in Parliament, calling for British withdrawal from Northern Ireland and paying tribute to deceased terrorists.

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Earlier this month, the GMBDW reported that Corbyn had attended a Community Iftar (breaking of the Ramadan fast) sponsored by the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), a part of the UK Muslim Brotherhood.

In February, the GMBDW reported on connections between the UK Labour Party and the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), close to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in the UK. Also in February we reported that Jeremy Corbyn, a longtime ally of the Muslim Brotherhood In the UK, was scheduled to participated in a conference titled “Islam And Democracy sponsored by the Cordoba Foundation, headed by UK Muslim Brotherhood leader Anas Altikriti.

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

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