Bernie Sanders Receives Rapturous Welcome at ISNA Annual Conference


US media is reporting on what was described as the “standing ovation and thunderous applause” following Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ remarks at this year’s annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an important part of the US Muslim Brotherhood. According to a Religious News Service report:

September 1, 2019 (RNS) — The Islamic Society of North America attracted some major names to its annual convention in Houston this year, including comedian Trevor Noah, activist Linda Sarsour, Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad and (by video) Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.But the figure attendees seemed most excited to hear was Sen. Bernie Sanders, who on Saturday (Aug. 31) along with former U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro became the first presidential candidates to address the country’s biggest gathering of Muslims.Both Castro and Sanders underscored the need to forge progressive coalitions and build solidarity between communities if any Democratic candidate hopes to defeat President Trump in 2020.“I am here today because I believe in the concept of solidarity, and the need for all of us, no matter where we come from or what our background is, to stand together in the struggle for justice and human rights,” Sanders told the approximately 6,000 attendees at the forum.


Sanders’ remarks, carefully tailored for his audience to include discussions of health care and hate crimes, mass shootings and Middle East interventions, received a standing ovation, thunderous applause and chants of “Bernie!” Sanders reminded his audience of the thousands of non-Muslims who rushed to airports to protest the travel ban and “stand in solidarity with Muslims,” and to how Americans have responded to the Trump administration by voting Muslims into Congress and state governments across the U.S.

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The GMBDW reported in August that Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Julian Castro would attend the annual ISNA convention. That post also contained a detailed analysis of ISNA’s ties to the Global Muslim Brotherhood as well as an evaluation of whether or not ISNA had truly moderated its extremist character. As we concluded:

In total, we see no reason to change the evaluation we made in 2013— that ISNA is and remains an integral part of the US and Global Muslim Brotherhood. For two prominent Democratic Presidential candidates to address this years ISNA conference is a continuation of what we described in 2016 as “The Madness of the Democratic Party”, at that time considering US Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) for the post of Democratic National Chair.

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