OBITUARY: Farouq Badran


Islamist media is reporting on the death of Farouk Badran, a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. According to the website of the Muslim Brotherhood:

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has called the Jordanian Muslim thinker and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Farouk Badran, who passed away today, describing him as “the great professor and virtuous educator” and as “the first generation of the group, and the preachers to God for the insight and knowledge, and flags of the nation and the nation “. […] Murad al-Adayleh, secretary general of the Islamic Action Front, described the late Badran as “a profound pedagogue, with a footprint on education in Jordan” and as “the title of authentic Brotherhood education.” [Translated with Google Translate]

A teacher, Muslim scholar and public official, Badran has been described as having introduced “Islamic educational values” in the Jordanian curriculum. According to another obituary:

The late Badran had the greatest impact on the educational process of Jordan, and is one of the leaders of the first generation of the Islamic movement.   Badran was born in As-Salt in 1932, in an educational family which emigrated from Nablus. […]   Badran began his university studies in Egypt, after the 1952 revolution, at Ain Shams University, then traveled to Baghdad, and joined the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Baghdad and graduated in 1959 a year after the coup of 1958. […]   In 1966, Badran was seconded to the State of Qatar for two years. There, he was transferred to the Curriculum Directorate and became its director. He founded the national book-writing team. After his return in 1974, Isaac Al-Farhan was the Minister of Education. He was promoted to the head of the Curriculum Department.   Badran was the head of the curriculum, and is said to have introduced religious meanings and Islamic educational values.   In 1975, Badran became director of Balqa education, then a year later he was seconded to the University of Jordan, during the time of Dr. Ishaq Al-Farhan, and after the end of secondment to the University of Jordan he was appointed director of examinations in the Ministry of Education in 1979. […]   In 1990, under the government of his nephew Mudar Badran, Farouk Badran was appointed Director General of the National Aid Fund, in the time of Minister Abdel-Majid al-Shraideh, and in the time of Minister Dr. Amin Mashaqbeh transferred Badran as an advisor to the Prime Minister and remained until 1993, in which she founded the Afaf Society. Badran was responsible for the cultural and social aspect. [Translated with Google Translate]

While it is not clear when he joined the Brotherhood, the obituary mentions that he learned the Quran from the Jordanian Shekih Abdul Halim Mustafa Zaid Kilani who was involved with setting up a Muslim Brotherhood branch in As-Salt in the late 1940s. Badran’s classmates included later Muslim Brotherhood leaders like Mohammed Qutb  and Islamic Action Front (IAF) leader Abdul-Latif Arabiyat. In a BBC article from 2007, Farouk was described as the head of one of the 24 branches of the IAF.

The Islamic Action Front is generally considered to be the political wing of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood. Previous posts by the GMBDW have reported on various extremist positions of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood.

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