RECOMMENDED READING: “Virginia Imam: May Allah Great The Mujahideen Victory”


MEMRI, and Israeli NGO specializing in Arabic translations has posted a report titled “Virginia Imam: May Allah Great The Mujahideen Victory” that examines a recent sermon given by Imam Shaker Elsayed of the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Fairfax County, Virginia. The MEMRI report begins:

In an August 9, 2019 Friday sermon, Egyptian-American Imam Shaker Elsayed of the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Fairfax County, Virginia criticized Arab regimes. He said that they not only were they weak and working with Israel to erase Palestine but were feuding over trivial matters like borders and resources, and were imitating the West and “scavenging” like an “unwanted dog at the dinner table.” Dar Al-Hijrah is known for its links to some of the 9/11 terrorists, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, and other known jihadis; at the time of 9/11, Yemeni-American sheikh and later Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki was imam there.[1]
Imam Elsayed went on to say that all powers that interfere with the Arabs’ aspirations for glory must be removed by all means possible, and added: “We cannot continue to have peace with repressive regimes… We have to remove the source of our misery, [which is]these governments.” Citing an Arab poem according to which “the door to freedom is stained red with the blood of all the hands that have knocked on it,” he underlined that Arabs need people who are willing to “take initiative” and be “ingenious” like the Palestinians in Gaza and like the Afghans in the 1980s. He concluded with a prayer asking Allah to “grant victory to His servants, the mujahideen, wherever they are.” The sermon, ninth in a series of talks on “The Crisis Of Our Ummah,” was posted on the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center’s YouTube channel. Imam Shaker Elsayed has been criticized and censured for making antisemitic statements and statements in support of jihad and female genital mutilation (FGM)

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In October 2013, we posted on an Investigative Project article that looked at sympathies expressed for the Muslim Brotherhood by Imam Shaker Elsayed.

In September 2011, The Washington Post described the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque as follows:

The mosque’s name means “land of migration,” and every Friday more than 3,000 worshipers from more than 35 countries pack into Dar Al-Hijrahh’s prayer hall. Doctors from Pakistan kneel next to hotel workers from Sudan. Refugees from Somalia pray alongside naturalized citizens from Egypt. It was founded by a group of Arab college students in the 1980s. Through local fundraising drives and assistance from a few foreign donors such as the Saudi Embassy, the congregation bought 3.4 acres in Falls Church and began constructing a $5 million prayer hall. Today, its immense stone facade — chiseled with a verse from the Koran and adorned with a minaret and domes — is just off Leesburg Pike, hidden by evergreens. Its members are, for the most part, intensely committed to their faith and deeply conservative. Monday through Thursday, when many Muslims pray at home or near work, Dar Al-Hijrahh regularly draws 200 to 400 worshipers, with many rising before dawn to get to prayer.

The Post at that time did not identify the close ties between the mosque and the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. According to the Dar Al-Hijrah constitution, the mosque is affiliated with the following organizations:

All of the organizations are part of the US Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, the Dar Al-Hijrah constitution mandates that the mosque’s nine-member board of directors must include four members of the MAS including the National President or his/her designee and the National Executive Director or his/her designee. In 2004, the Washington Post did report on the ties between Dar Al-Hijrah and the MAS, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood group close to the Egyptian organization and again in 2005 when Shaker Elsayed, the former secretary-general of the MAS was appointed as the Dar Al Hijrah imam. The departing imam,  Mohammed Adam El-Sheikh, was a Muslim Brotherhood member in the Sudan and one of the founders of both the mosque and the MAS. He left the mosque to become the executive director of the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA), another part of the US Muslim Brotherhood.

Anwar al-Awlaki, the American Muslim cleric of Yemeni descent who was linked to many terrorist plots and attacks and who was killed by a US drone strike in September 2011, had once been the Imam at Dar Al-Hijrah prior to 911. Other Individuals convicted/indicted in terrorism-related cases that have been known to have attended Dar Al-Hijrah include:

  • Abdurrahman Alamoudi, (a US Muslim Brotherhood. leader convicted in plot assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia)
  • Abdelhaleem Ashqar (convicted of obstruction of justice in the Holy Land Hamas financing case)
  • Randall “Ismail” Royer (a convicted member of the Virginia Jihad Network)
  • Ahmed Omar Abu Ali (al-Qaida operative convicted of plotting to assassinate President Bush)

Two of the 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour were also known to have attended Dar Al-Hijrah.

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