Court Upholds Acquittal of Danish Muslim Brotherhood Charity


A Danish newspaper is reporting that a Danish court has upheld the acquittal of two leaders of Al-Aqsa Denmark who had been charged with supporting Hamas. According to the report:

The two men – the organisation’s president and its treasurer – were originally charged in 2002 and acquitted by a Copenhagen municipal court in 2007. The men admit that al-Aqsa sent DKK 500,000 to groups in the Middle East and that it had collected a similar amount that it was preparing to send. But while they contend that the money went to charitable groups, prosecutors claimed that at least two of the groups were a part of Hamas, a Palestinian group listed by both the US and the EU as a terrorist organisation. The six-member panel of judges hearing the case were evenly split on whether the organisations were connected with Hamas. In Danish judicial practice the decision goes to the defendant in cases of tied votes. The panel agreed, however, that al-Aqsa could not be charged with supporting terrorism for sending money to the families of Hamas members.

Al-Aqsa Denmark is a member of the Union of Good, the worldwide coalition of charities head by global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi that helps to raise funds for Hamas.

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