Muslim Council of Britain Promotes Turkish Anti-Semite


The Muslim Council of Britain, a U.K. umbrella group dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, is promoting an event featuring an organization representing a well-known Turkish author associated with anti-Semitism. The MCB website is advertising a presentation on the “Scientific Miracles of the Quran” by the Science Research Foundation of Turkey which represents the works of Harun Yahya, the pen-name for Turkish author Adnan Oktar. Oktar is probably best described as an Islamic “creationist” but is also known for his anti-Semitic writings including those promoting holocaust denial. Although an Israel research institute reported in 2004 that Oktar had “has undergone a change and become more tolerant toward Jews”, his official biography contains statements that suggest anti-Semitism and his work titled “What Should a Moslem’s View of the People of the Book and Zionism Be?”, currently posted on his website, reflects anti-Semitic themes common to the Muslim Brotherhood. An earlier post has reported on the anti-Semitism of Zaghloul Al-Naggar, another well known Muslim Brotherhood “creationist” also associated with anti-Semitism.

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