Global Muslim Brotherhood Reacts To Latest Danish Cartoon Crisis


Gulf media is reporting that major institutions of the global Muslim Brotherhood are responding similarly to the decision by Danish newspapers to reprint the cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. According to a Gulf media report, global Brotherhood leader Qaradawi called for a political response on his regular Al Jazeera TV program:

The Islamic World, he said, should not remain silent. He said people’s reaction need not necessarily be through demonstrations but could be through massive signature campaigns. Muslims should make use of various media such as art, films and theatre to express their anger. Prominent scholars should address the issue in several languages and introduce Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)to non-Muslims. Qradawi said that boycott of Danish products has been the most useful means. “All of us can do without them,” he said. “I do not know what Westerners have for us. I doubt their intentions,” he said, adding that Islamic world has been good towards them but they have been against Islam. We are being confronted with actions that are against Islam even from the Pope,” he said. Unfortunately, those who did the caricature do not know anything about the Prophet’s(PBUH) life, he said. “They did this only to provoke Muslims around the world.”

An earlier post reported that Qaradawi had never seen the infamous Danish cartoons yet nevertheless helped spark the first worldwide crisis by declaring “Anger Day” on his popular TV show.

In mid-February, the website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood posted a statement on the issue calling for diplomatic sanctions against Denmark:

Hussein Ibrahim, vice-chairman and spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, stated that more than 20 requests were sent to the Egyptian Prime minister and the minister of Foreign Affairs condemning the republishing of such caricatures in Danish newspapers, and demanding cutting all economic and political relations with Denmark and any other country that means to abuse Islamic or religious holy figures.

Mr. Ibrahim also called for a boycott against Danish products.

The Muslim World League (MWL), a Saudi institution allied with the global Muslim Brotherhood , issued a statement calling for calm:

The Saudi-based Muslim World League yesterday condemned the decision by Danish newspapers to reprint a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) but also urged Muslims not to overreact. The organisation, which represents Muslim associations worldwide, expressed its deep consternation and denounced the obstinacy in offending Islam and its Prophet, a statement on the official Saudi SPA news agency said. It also warned that reprinting the controversial cartoon would lead to more hatred and urged Denmark to act to stop the insults against the Prophet (PBUH). The statement also urged Muslims in Denmark to observe restraint. Muslims must not be drawn into a cycle of excessive reactions, it said.

The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), a European Muslim Brotherhood umbrella group close to the MWL also denounced the decision:

The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) denounced Saturday the re-publication by Danish newspapers of cartoons which insult the prophet of also urged Muslims to respond with a a civilized way. “The insulting cartoons, which had previously caused embarrassment to Denmark internally and externally, were republished in Denmark, challenging the feelings of a billion and a half Muslims,” said the Brussels-based FIOE in a statement. “Some forces of extremism” assert, through republishing the offensive drawings, their refusal to respect the human feelings and the dignity of the other, disguised under the banner of freedom of speech, it noted.

Reuters, however, is reporting that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood organized a demonstration against the cartoons in the Jordanian capital also calling for a boycott but employing harsher language:

Vowing “Revenge against Crusaders who attack the symbol of Islam,” dozens of Jordanian Islamists burned the Danish flag on Monday to protest the reprinting of cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad in Danish newspapers. The Islamic Action Front, Jordan’s main licensed opposition party and the political offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, demanded the government expel the Danish envoy until his government offered an official apology. “Oh government, expel the Danish ambassador: Oh Dane… listen the Prophet is the symbol of our Islam. We will die for his sake and eradicate anyone who humiliates him,” chanted angry protesters in the noisy sit-in near the Danish consulate in the capital Amman. The Islamists also urged Jordanians to boycott Danish products, saying reprinting the drawings was a deliberate insult and part of “the crusade by the West against Islam.”

Earlier posts have reported the escalating rhetoric of the Jordanian Brotherhood following their heavy losses in parliamentary elections.

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