Hamas Calls For Danish/Israeli Boycott On Children's TV


An organization which monitors Palestinian TV has reported that a Hamas children’s TV program has featured a program entitled “Don’t eat Danish food — eat the Danes” which calls for a boycott of Danish and Israeli products in the wake of the decision by Danish newspapers to republish the cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. The organization known as Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)reports the following excerpt from the Hamas children’s TV program Tomorrow’s Pioneers:

The following is the transcript:

Saraa: Did you see the West’s attack against the Messenger [Muhammad]?

What do you have to say about this?

Amaani, 10 year old girl by phone: I say to the cowardly infidels…

Assud: Criminals.

Amaani: Criminals.

Assud: Do you boycott Israeli and Danish products?

Amaani: Yes

Assud: You don’t eat them at all?

Amaan: I don’t eat them at all.

Assud: Great! Keep it up!

Saraa: We will all boycott Danish products, and Israeli products first.

* * * * * *

Saraa: What can we do for the Messenger?

Inaas, 10 year old girl by phone: We can fight them because

they cursed Allah’s Messenger.

Saraa: ‘Tomorrow’s Pioneers’ army will redeem the Messenger,

with their possessions and their blood, Assud,

and will not let them repeat this attack.

Assud: If they repeat it we will kill them, by Allah.

Saraa: In His will.

Assud: I will bite them and eat them!

PMW adds that Palestinian children phone into the program to condemn the “cowardly infidels” and vow to fight them. The report describes that the episode was featured on a children’s program called Tomorrow’s Pioneers which has used its previous animal character co-hosts, the Mickey Mouse lookalike Farfur and the bee Nahul, to champion violence, promote hatred of Israel and preach about world Islamic supremacy. To further reinforce its anti-Israel message, Hamas has killed off both characters and blamed Israel. The call for a boycott of Danish goods follows the more general call by the global Muslim Brotherhood as detailed in an earlier post and links Israel together with Denmark.

(Source: PMW News Alert)

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