U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader To Attend Palestinian Conference In Denmark


A prominent leader of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, will attend a conference in Denmark on May 3 to mark the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israel, referred to in the announcement as the “Nakba” (catastrophe). According to the announcement:

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Nakba and reaffirm adherence to their right of return the General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, the Palestinian Return Centre, London, the Palestinian Forum in Denmark together with other Palestinian institutions in Denmark are pleased invite all Palestinians in Europe to participate on the Sixth Conference under the slogan: ’60 Years: And the Return is Nearer’

The Palestinian Return Centre in London, characterized by sources in London as close to Hamas, has Trustees that have also been on the board of the Muslim Association of Britain, one of the Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.K. The Centre itself has been widely promoted by the U.K Brotherhood. CAIR, in turn, had its origins in the Hamas support infrastructure in the U.S.

Also attending the conference will be Mohammad Akram Al-Adlouni, Chairman of Al Quds International and the likely author of an internal U.S. Brotherhood document titled “An Explanatory Memorandum; On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” and which called for “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” Other prominent invitees include a former Lebanese prime minister and Raid Salah, a leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel. In 2000, an Israeli research institute characterized Salah as head of the Movement’s radical, separatist faction and close to Hamas.


  1. Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the Hamas caretaker government in Gaza, spoke via via video to the conference and received a standing ovation from the audience further illustrating the connections to Hamas.