Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Blames U.S. For Lebanon Conflict; Supports Hamas


Middle Eastern media are reporting on comments made by the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood (Islamic Action Front) and it’s recently elected, “hard-line” leader which blame the U.S for the recent crisis in Lebanon between the government and Hezbollah. According to one report,

Jordan’s largest political party, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), accused the United States Saturday of being responsible for the flare-up of armed clashes in Lebanon and urged all Lebanese powers to resort to dialogue. The IAF, political arm of the influential Muslim Brotherhood movement, said the escalating tension was part of a “US agenda that seeks to stir internal sedition and obstruct all prospects of national reconciliation in Lebanon”. It accused some Lebanese powers of “playing into the hands of the US administration which aims at implementing a hostile scheme in the region”. The IAF expressed support for the Hezbollah-led opposition and cautioned against any international intervention in the Lebanese crisis.

Other reports cited the Hammam Saeed, the new leader of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), who said that the interests of the IAF lie in the support of Hamas.

A recent post discussed the election of Saeed following significant losses by the IAF in Jordanian elections. Saeed is described in various reports as a Palestinian who is former member of the Jordanian parliament and a professor of Islamic Law. He and the IAF were named last year by federal prosecutors as a member of the “Palestine Section of the International Muslim Brotherhood” and as co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case.

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