Muslim Council of Britain Sends Delegation To Iran


The Muslim Council of Britian, a U.K. umbrella group dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, has announced on its website that it will be sending a delegation to Iran for “good-will” talks. According to the announcement :

A six member delegation, including two women, from the Muslim Council of Britain to be led by its Secretary-General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari will arrive in Tehran later today to begin an 8-day visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran. “The Muslim Council of Britain believes it is vital to improve ties between Britain and Iran and it is our hope that this visit will serve to enhance cultural links between our two peoples and promote good will,” said Dr Abdul Bari. The MCB delegation will be meeting a range of Iranian officials and religious figures as well as making visits to the cities of Qom and Mashhad.

An earlier post discussed the relationship between Iran and the global Muslim Brotherhood.

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