British Muslim Brotherhood Leader Is Resentful Of "The Evil Jew In Britain"


A U.K blog has reported that Mohammad Sawalha, President of the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood organization known as the British Muslim Initiative, has referred to the “evil/noxious Jew in Britain” when speaking in Arabic to Al Jazeera about his demonstration last Sunday against the celebration of the founding of the state of Israel. According to the blog, the translation of Sawalha’s remarks is as follows:

“We, the Arab and Islamic community, gather here today to express our resentment at the celebrations by the Jewish community and the evil/noxious Jew in Britain”

The same blog reports today that the Arabic word meaning evil/noxious was changed to day by Al Jazeera to “Jewish lobby” following media coverage in the U.K over Sawalha’s remarks. The Blog also says that BMI posted a notice on the blog accusing it of deliberately mistranslating the word in question in order to defame Mr. Sawalha. However, GMBDW has confirmed both the original word and translation as well as the change in wording today by Al Jazeera. The blog also has posted a screenshot of the original text.

The original blog post contained useful background information on Sawalha:

Apart from the British Muslim Initiative, Sawalha has been active in a large number of other ventures. He is the past President of the Muslim Association of Britain. He was the founder of IslamExpo, and is registered as the holder of the IslamExpo domain name. He is also a trustee of the Finsbury Park Mosque: which was taken over from Abu Hamza by the Muslim Association of Britain, with the help of Detective Inspector Bob Lambert. All of the organisations that Sawalha is associated with have one thing in common. They are fronts for Hamas/the Muslim Brotherhood. Sawalha also was one of the signatories to the letter from various “Muslim organisations” endorsing Ken Livingstone: a large number of whom are closely associated with various Muslim Brotherhood organisations. Sawalha was also one of the subjects of the BBC Panorama documentary on Hamas fundraising in the United Kingdom [better formatted here]. That documentary made the following claims:

Sawalha is said to have master minded much of Hamas’ political and military strategy.

Sawalha was one of the senior activists in the dawah portals of Hamas. He was involved, let’s say, with the background of the finance, the logistic assistance.

In London, Sawalha is alleged to have directed funds, both for Hamas’ armed wing, and for spreading its missionary dawah.


  1. The blog is reporting today that is being sued by Mr. Sawalha and that the claim is being made that the original wording in question was a typographical error.