French Muslim Brotherhood Leader Comments On Burqa Controversy



A leader of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) has commented on the recent controversy surrounding denial of French citizenship to a woman based her wearing of the “burqa”, an Islamic garment covering the entire body and face. According to an AP report, Fouad Alaoui, vice president of the UOIF stated:

… “It’s a turning point in our judiciary that should make us think. “I don’t think that clothing is part of this country’s values. Clothing is personal freedom.” Then he added, “On a personal level, I too am disturbed when I see a woman hide her face.”

The global Muslim Brotherhood has universally fought for the right to wear the hijab, commonly known as the Islamic headscarf but has not generally been associated with conflicts over the burqua. This is likely because the hijab is sufficient to serve as a political symbol without restricting the ability of Islamic women in the West to participate in their respective societies. Unlike the so-called Salafis, the global Brotherhood does not encourage a complete separation of Muslims from non-Muslims in the West.

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