Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Celebrates Release Of Prisoners


An Egyptian website is carrying a statement from the leader of the Egyptian Brotherhood celebrating the release of four Hizbullah members and Palestine Liberation Front terrorist Samir Qantar in a prisoner exchange with Israel. According to the statement from Mohammed Mahdi Akef:

The Muslim Brotherhood reflects the feelings of happiness and joy for the release of five Lebanese prisoners, considering it a victory for the Lebanese people and resistance In the battle against the Zionist entity. In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood calls for rulers and Arab leaders to do their utmost and to do their part in the release of eleven thousand Palestinian prisoners who suffer most in the prisons of the Zionist occupation. My best wishes to the Lebanese people and resistance and sincere congratulations on this occasion, as the best wishes go to released prisoners and their families. Our sincere Congratulations and deep appreciation to salute the steadfastness and firmness and steadfastness throughout these years, Bring them good health and happiness. The Brotherhood hopes to open our brothers in Lebanon and more than a new page is in the interest of progress and preservation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and unity. We ask God Almighty to preserve Lebanon and other places of our nation.

As previous posts have noted, the relationship between Iran and the global Muslim Brotherhood is complex. In Lebanon, for example, the Brotherhood has been working closely with Iranian-backed Hezbollah since the 1980’s. Faisal Mawlawi is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon and is also closely associated with Youssef Qaradawi, the leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood. He is the the Deputy Chairman of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, the theological body headed by Youssef Qaradawi as well as a trustee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, also headed by Qaradawi. In addition. Mawlawi is a trustee of the Union of Good, a worldwide collection of Islamic charities chaired by Qaradawi that raises funds for Hamas. In August 2005, Mideast news sources reported that “combatants” from the Brotherhood in Lebanon were fighting alongside Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon and that the group’s support of Hezbollah dated back to the 1980’s. This is the only known instance of armed Muslim Brotherhood units operating openly since the 1940’s. A previous post discussed Qaradawi’s support for the Iranian nuclear program.

(Note: Machine translation)

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