Muslim Brotherhood Defends Sudanese Government


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement defending the government of Sudan whose President was recently indicted on charges of genocide by the International Criminal Court. According to the statement:

Muslim Brotherhood denounced the genocide charges filed by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir on Monday. In the statement signed by MB Chairman Mahdi Akef, he emphasized MB”s condemnation of the decision, considering it “interference in Sudan”s internal affairs and violation of its sovereignty.” The statement called on the Arab League to sponsor an exceptional summit of Arab presidents, kings, and leaders to unite in solidarity with Sudan. Further, it called on Egypt to assume its leading role at all international organizations to defend the Sudan, the strategic neighbor of Egypt. In addition, the MB called on Al-Bashir to exert more efforts in communication with national and political forces in the country and give up all political disagreements.It also called upon international institutions to respect their laws and charters and assume its original role for which they were supposedly established, instead of serving interests of the US Administration that “blackmails Sudan and seeks to control its wealth.”

The International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO), closely tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood, issued a similar statement and claimed that it had sent a delegation to the Sudan:

International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) pursued with great concern what is happening in the global level, about the request of the prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal decisions against some Sudanese officials, like Omar Hassan Bashir – the Sudanese president – accused him by committing in a war crimes and genocide in Darfur against his people – as Tribunal claimed –International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations assert on a No. of basic facts and opinions related to the current situation:Firstly..The State of Sudan has a self – Mastery, it is a part of the international community, is not sign to join to the convention in the court like many states such as America. Secondly..It can not separate between this accusation to Sudan’s Mastery or to the President and tension of the Arab and Islamic region, in order to control and maximize the use of a single pole by lighting the conflicts and warfare, and looting of wealth. Thirdly..IIFSO emphasize on the need to maintain Sudan’s unity, and independence of its decision, also must be protected from being subjected to any external threats or blackmail. Finally, it should be noted that the IIFSO’s delegation had visited Sudan and inspected the areas, and observes the sufferance level for the general people through negligence and conflicts, delegation didn’t find any kind of ethnic cleansing or war crimes in which alleged by the court, but there are weaknesses in resources and a deterioration in living conditions, that require on the international community and every one to oneness in order to advancement. Accordingly, IIFSO refuses to prejudice with the Sudan’s unity, or its territory and attack the symbols without a right to do that, and appealed to all actors in the international community to take a positive attitude towards these practices.

U.S. media had reported that the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood had denounced the ICC action last week:

One of the participants at the Cabinet meeting, Essam Youssef, told reporters afterward that Sudanese politicians agreed to send “a strong message to the international community that we stand with all our power against anybody … who seeks to impose sanctions or target our head of state.” “This action violates Sudan’s sovereignty and its people’s values and dignity,” said Youssef, an ally of al-Bashir who also heads the country’s Muslim Brotherhood movement.

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