Egyptian Brotherhood Student Group Launches Morality Campaign


An Egyptian newspaper is reporting that a Muslim Brotherhood youth group, formerly known for its paramilitary activities, has launched a “morality” campaign that is attracting large crowds. According to the report:

A young Muslim Brotherhood group recently launched a “morality” campaign at Egyptian universities that is reportedly attracting more crowds than their vocal demonstrations ever have. Titled “Raqi Bi Akhlaqi” (exalted by my manners), the five-week campaign was launched in 13 universities, including Al-Azhar. In 2006, members of the same student group were widely criticized when they demonstrated on the Al-Azhar campus wearing black uniforms and performing a martial arts demonstration in what became known then as “the kung-fu militia.” A number of students were later expelled for participating in the demonstration. The recent campaign’s manifesto forfeits the show of strength, and instead calls on students to focus on good behavior and stop “blindly imitating the West” in both appearance and speech. They also implored their fellow students to use Arabic in their conversations and to stop inserting English words. “We love and cherish our Arab and Islamic identity and refuse any behavior imported from the West,” the manifesto declared…Their online group said that earlier this week, the campaign had attracted more than 5,000 students at the University of Assiut alone.

Somewhat ironically, the report noted that the group created a Facebook group for their campaign.

Muslim Brotherhood activities in Egypt have been linked to the increasing “Islamization” of Egypt.

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