U.S. Senator Recommends DOJ Cease Relationships With U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Organizations


In a recent report titled “Waste and Mismanagement at the Department of Justice”, Senator Tom Coburn (R. MD) has called on the Justice Department stop the collaboration with and/or funding of U. S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations. The report recommends that:

DOJ should prohibit any collaboration with or funding of Muslim Brotherhood U.S. affialiates and other entities with links to terrorism. It is the legal right and obligation of DOJ to bar, withhold or rescind funding for or collaboration with any entities that do not advance the mission of the Department, which is the security and stability of the United States, including its culture, its people, and its form of government.

The report bases its recommendation on a brief review of the Muslim Brotherhood and citing the document released in the course of the Holy terrorism financing trial entitled “An Explanatory Memorandum, On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” written by Mohamed Akram, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leader and calling for a “Grand Jihad” against Western Civilization. The report than cites the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as one of the organizations with which the DOJ has been cooperating:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) CAIR was established in 1994 by leaders of the Islamic Association of Palestine, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate considered by the U.S. government to be a front for terrorist group Hamas. In 2007, DOJ labeled CAIR as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-financing trial.This charge was confirmed by testimony and documentary evidence admitted in the ongoing prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), an organization charged by the U. S. government with being a terrorist entity that fundraised for Hamas. According to court documents, CAIR chairman Omar Ahmad mediated a financial dispute involving the HLF over funding for Hamas founder Sheik Jamil Hamami. CAIR was co-founded by Rafeeq Jaber who was also the president of the American Muslim Society, a group listed in the aforementioned Muslim Brotherhood memorandum to carry out the “civilization jihad” against the U. S. Despite these concerns, DOHJ has funded and supported CAIR on a number of occasions including the following: • In March 2005, DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General collaborated with CAIR to distribute information on how to report violations of civil rights. • In June 2005, DOJ’s Community Relations Service hosted a seminar in Houston with CAIR entitled “Building Cultural Competency. ”• CAIR is a current member of DOJ’s Hate Crimes Task Force in Sacramento, California.

The report also identifies the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) as another such organization:

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) ISNA was founded in 1963 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign by several leaders of the Muslim Student Association, a U. S. affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. Like CAIR,ISNA is also at the top of the list in the Muslim Brotherhood memorandum which lays out an agenda to carry out a “civilization jihad” against the U. S. Yet, despite these concerns, DOJ has funded and supported ISNA on a number of occasions including the following: • The Bureau of Prisons at DOJ awarded $2,300 in 2005 and again in 2006 for prisoner funeral services to one of the oldest affiliates of ISNA, the Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City; • In 2005, The Bureau of Federal Prisons at DOJ awarded several grants totaling $12,400 for chaplain services to the Islamic Center of Pittsburg, established in 1985 by the Muslim Student Association, an affiliate of ISNA; • DOJ co-sponsored the August 2007 ISNA convention despite DOJ lawyers’ objections and concerns that sponsorship of a named unindicted co-conspirator would undermine the agency’s case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development; and • In August 2007, DOJ’s Federal Bureau of Prisons had a booth at the ISNA conference and passed out literature in order to recruit prison chaplains.

A previous post discussed a recent Senate hearing during which these issues were debated.

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