European Parliament Seminar Features Muslim Brotherhood Leaders


The website of the Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland (Islamic Society of Germany) has announced a seminar on womens’ issues at the European Parliament scheduled for last week which featured leaders of the European Muslim Brotherhood. According to the announcement, relevant individuals include:

  • Sajjad Karim, member of European Parliament from Northwest England
  • Rodi Kratsa, Vice-President of the European Parliament
  • Noura Jaballah, President of the European Forum of Muslim Women (EFOMW)
  • Dorsaf Ben Dhiab, EFOMW
  • Michael Privot, director of the European Network Against racism (ENAR)

A report by the NEFA Foundation indicates that the EFOMW is affiliated with the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the umbrella group representing the European Muslim Brotherhood and comprised of Brotherhood organizations from most of the EU countries as well as Turkey, Russia, and Croatia. The same report also details the importance placed by FIOE on its relations with the EU. Noura Jaballah, the EFOMW President, is the wife of Ahmed Jaballah, another important European Brotherhood leader living in France.

Another NEFA report discusses the Brotherhood ties of Michael Privot which include serving as an officer for the Federation of Muslim Youth and Student Organizations (FEMYSO), the youth division of FIOE Over the years, FEMYSO has developed a relationship with both the Council of Europe and the European Commission where it has been invited since 2003 to attend meetings of the Group of Policy Advisers (GOPA). One of the important leaders of FEMYSO over the years has been Ibrahim El-Zayat, the leader of the Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland known to represent the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.

Sajjad Karim has been instrument in organizing numerous European events for FIOE and its affiliated organizations.

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