Israel Muslim Brotherhood Members Indicted In Israel


Israeli media is reporting on the indictment of three Israeli Arabs suspecting of being members of the Israeli Muslim Brotherhood. According to one report:

Three Israeli Arabs from east Jerusalem were indicted Monday for suspected membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, a group affiliated with Hamas. The indictment includes charges of membership in a terror group and affiliation with an illegal group. The Jerusalem District Prosecution asked the court to remand all three pending the conclusion of the legal proceedings against them. The three, Mahmoud Arnaut (30), Nasser Hadmi (40) and Abed Abu al-Mafalfel (41), are accused of raising funds for the organization, as well as aiding Muslim Brotherhood members and promoting anti-Israel propaganda. According to the Jerusalem District Prosecution, Arnaut has been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood since 2006 and at one time was the director of three of its Jerusalem offices. As part of his job, Arnaut had access to funds and was the group’s local website administrator. According to the case file, in June of 2009, Arnaut formed a division meant to assist families whose homes were either razed or slated to be razed by Israel. Under the guise of the division, Arnaut raised funds in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood from both local and foreign elements, and also authorized a 300-unit housing project in the city’s Jabel Mukaber neighborhood – a third of which was to go to Muslim Brotherhood members. Hadmi and Mafalfel are accused of running the supposed aid division. Mafalfel is also accused of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood information committee, which distributes anti-Israel propaganda. Mafalfel is also suspected of affiliation with the international al-Quds organization.

The International Al-Quds Organization (aka International Al-Quds Institution) is chaired by global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and co-founded by Faisal Malawi, head of the Lebanese Muslim Brotherhood and Qaradawi’s Deputy at theEuropean Council for Fatwa and Research. It should also be noted that the Secretary-General of the Al-Quds organization is Akram Adeloni (aka Mohammed Akram) who was the likely author of a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood document calling for the destruction of the Western civilization at the hands of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

Another report presents additional information on the Israeli case:

They operated under the name of the Muslim chairty name Dawah to establish a terrorist cell to help Arabs whose houses faced demolition after having been built illegally in the city. Arnout also transferred $50,000 for renting offices for the Brotherhood and was in the process of obtaining more money from terrorists outside the country when he and his cell were arrested. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm in Israel is the Islamic Movement, whose leader Sheikh Raad Salah has been arrested numerous times for incitement.

Sheikh Raed Salah is the head of the Northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, considered to be the most extreme wing of the movement that essentially comprises the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel. In May 2003, Salah was arrested along with other Northern Islamic Movement officials on suspicion of transferring funds to Hamas under the pretense of humanitarian aid. He was released after two years under the terms of a plea bargain. In August 2007, Salah was indicted for “inciting racism and violence” for calling for a “third Intifada,” or uprising, to defend the mosque and in 2008 Israeli security forces raided the offices of the Islamic Movement in northern Israel accusing it of aiding Hamas. In May of this year, Salah said that Israel has a ‘diabolical plan” to cause the Al–Aqsa Mosque to collapse “in a way that would appear as is happening as a result of natural causes, such an earthquake.”

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