Egyptian Brotherhood Leader Says "Anti-Islamic Incitements" Growing In The West


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has reported on comments by Supreme Guide Mohammed Mahdi Akef in which he discusses what he calls “growing anti-Islamic incitements in Western societies.” According to a report on the groups web site:

In his weekly statement to the Muslim Brotherhood movement the chairman Mr. Mohammed Mahdi Akef, affirmed that the tyranny in all its means and colonialism and in all its forms are a means to an end; the end being the opposing of Islam. The oppression is practiced in the hope of removing any ideology of the Islamic nation being the most powerful nation. The measures performed are aimed to distract the nation from the real awareness of its right to live a free and dignified life in which taking part in reaping its fruits will be denied. In his message titled “Peoples awareness of true and false facts”, Akef stated that we must not differentiate between the growing negative awareness among the masses towards the Arab and Islamic countries’ stolen rights and the growing anti-Islamic incitements in Western societies towards Islam and Muslims. He stressed that the deteriorating situation has had a negative impact on the awareness, which has without doubt become a grave threat to humanity as a whole.

Akef, who was resident in Germany during the 1980’s, is famous for his incendiary rhetoric and numerous previous posts have discussed Akef’s anti-American, anti-Semitic, and other remarks. Recent posts have discussed his announcement that he will step down when his term ends in January.

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