Prince Of Wales To Be Feautured Speaker At Islamic Relief Celebration


The U.K. branch of Islamic Relief Worldwide has announced that the Prince of Wales will be one of the featured guests at its 25th anniversary gala dinner. The announcement also indicates that the event was endorsed by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband whose endorsement states:

What a fantastic honour and privilege it is to be in this room, populated with so many people who make such an outstanding contribution to British life. I have seen with my own eyes in IDP camps in Pakistan the difference that Islamic Relief makes. I have heard from people across the Middle East and they know about Islamic Relief and the bonds and connections it represents from British Muslims right around the world. I think that it is right to celebrate the contribution of British Muslims to national and international life. The British Muslim Community are ‘Global Citizens’ who through Islamic Relief want to make a difference for Muslims but also for people of other faiths around the world.”

Islamic Relief Worldwide is headquartered in the U.K. where one of it’s trustees listed in U.K. charity records is Ibrahim El-Zayat, a leader in both the European and the German Muslim Brotherhood and currently under investigation for money-laundering and other offenses. Mr. El-Zayat is also a Trustee of the U.K. branch of Islamic Relief.

Islamic Relief Worldwide is also listed as a company in the U.K where records indicate that Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi, the former head of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) and former President of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is a director. Dr. Al-Rawi was one of the signatories of a 2004 Bayyan (declaration) that called for resistance to U.K troops in Iraq. The document called:

….upon our Islamic and Arab nations along with all the religious authorities and the liberation powers, wherever they maybe: to resist the occupation and its savage crimes in Iraq and Palestine. To offer our moral and material support to the honourable resistance, its prisoners and their families. To be patient, strong and steadfast until God is victorious and the land of Islam cleansed from the filth of occupation. And this is drawing near by the grace of Allah.

The document was also signed by many Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas leaders. Both FIOE and the MAB are part of the U.K. and European Muslim Brotherhood.

Another former director of the company Islamic Relief Worldwide is Issam Al-Bashir who, as previous posts have discussed, is a former Minister of Religious Affairs in the Sudan and who has held numerous positions associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood. In a number of European countries, the local branch of Islamic Relief is also tied to the local Muslim Brotherhood organization.

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