BREAKING NEWS: Global Muslim Brotherhood Announces It Will Send Another Flotilla To Gaza Within Six Weeks

Majed Al-Zeer

Majed Al-Zeer, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in the UK, has announced that the Global Muslim Brotherhood is preparing to send another flotilla to Gaza to sail within six weeks. According to the announcement posted on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website:

Majed Al-Zeer, the director general of the Palestinian return center, has revealed that the international campaign to end the siege on Gaza has started preparing a new aid flotilla to Gaza Strip that would sail within six weeks. Zeer said in a press release on Monday on the sidelines of a massive demonstration in London protesting the Israeli attack on the freedom Flotilla that left dozens killed and wounded that the protestors wanted the world to know what the Israelis had done against unarmed solidarity activists. He added that contacts are underway with European governments over the incident, adding that the international alliance would continue to expose the Israeli aggression before the entire world. Thousands of Palestinians, Muslims, and foreigners had gathered in front of the British government premises in London to protest the Israeli bloody attack on the flotilla ships at international waters. Participants hoisted Palestinian flags and placards denouncing the Israeli aggression.

Majed Al-Zeer (aka Majid Al-Zeer) is a Trustee and General Director of the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) in the UK. The executive director of the PRC is Arafat Madi (aka Arafat Madi Shoukri) who is also chairman of the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, one of the members of the coalition making up the flotilla. PRC director Ghassan Four is also a Trustee of INTERPAL, a key member of the Union of Good which was designated by the US in 2003 as a terrorist entity. PRC director Zaher Birawi is a Trustee of Education Aid for Palestine (EAP), also a part of the Union of Good. Mr. Birawi is also head of programming for Al-Hiwar TV which frequently features MB/Hamas individuals and organizations and was founded by Azzam Al-Tamimi, a U.K Muslim Brotherhood leader and close to Hamas. An Israeli web site, known to be close to Israeli military intelligence, has reported that Mr. Birawi, along with another PRC Trustee, are “past Hamas operatives who found refuge in Britain in the early nineties.”

Two PRC directors are also directors of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), generally regarded as part of the UK. Muslim Brotherhood. The PRC is also listed as an affiliate of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) dominated by UK. Muslim Brotherhood groups. PRC activities are frequently promoted by the MAB, MCB, and other U.K Brotherhood organizations.T he PRC has also been the co-sponsor of several conferences in Europe associated with Hamas. For example, the PRC was the co-sponsor of the Sixth Palestinians In Europe Conference which featured Nihad Awad of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), former US. Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Akram Al-Adlouni, and Raed Salah, a leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel and close to Hamas. The 2009 conference was addressed via video link by Gaza Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

An earlier post discussed the extensive involvement of the Global Muslim Brotherhood in the flotilla which was recently involved in a clash with Israel naval forces.

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