Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Journalist Calls Jews “A Cancer Upon The World”


In response to the Gaza flotilla incident, “journalist” Khalid Amayreh has written his latest in a series of articles comparing Israel to Nazi Germany for the web site of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. This time, Amayreh compares Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto, claims that Israeli Jews are taught that “non-Jews are virtual animals”, and that Jews are “an abomination, a cancer upon the world.” The statement in its entirety says:

Needless to say, these brave men and women, these known and unknown soldiers deserve our utmost admiration and appreciation. They are acting on behalf of humanity, a humanity that has nearly succumbed to callous apathy and criminal indifference toward its weak and its poor. After all, Gaza today is very much like Ghetto Warsaw of 1943. The comparison might raise some eyebrows here and there, but the truth, in case people still care about it, is that Gazans are completely dependent on the good will of the peoples of the world for their very survival. If they approach the wall of death on the Israeli side, they are summarily killed by indifferent bullets fired by an Israeli soldier who is likely to have been taught in his neighborhood synagogue or local yeshiva (Talmudic School) that non-Jews are virtual animals whose lives have no sanctity whatsoever. And if they seek life westward, e.g. through the tunnels, they are gassed or killed by the criminal hands of a depraved regime that has demonstrated more skills in groveling, like a meek dog, before Zionism than in providing bread to its own citizens. In the meanwhile, Israeli leaders are threatening to violently confront the messengers of love and good will who have come from distant lands to show solidarity with the people of Gaza who have been thoroughly savaged by the very people who have the Chutzpa to claim themselves as “a light upon the nations” when in reality they have demonstrated ad nauseam that they are actually an abomination, a cancer upon the world. In short, we are talking about a showdown between the forces of evil and darkness, represented by the goons of Judeo-Nazism, people like Benyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman, and, on the other hand, the forces of hope, love, peace and justice, which these sublime human beings represent. Well, from experience, we realize that the Nazis of our time in Tel Aviv are capable of embarking on the worst scenario. Indeed, a state that is capable of raining White Phosphorus on the heads of Gaza children can’t be expected to act gracefully toward messengers of peace carrying milk powder to the blockaded children of the coastal enclave. In the final analysis, we are talking about a breed of evil-minded people who would consider a smile on the face of a Gaza child a security threat? Israeli leaders have been spreading disinformation and dark propaganda around the freedom flotilla. Lieberman, the manifestly fascist foreign minister of the Zionist regime has been claiming that the Freedom Flotilla is besmirching Israel’s image as if that image needed any further besmirching after the virtual genocide in Gaza 18 months ago. Other Zionist thugs have had the audacity to call the great men and women of this mission “terrorists.” Well, Never mind. These are the same Zionist thugs who have been calling their victims similar epithets because the Palestinians are refusing to disappear and are still fighting for their freedom from Zio-Nazism despite the passage of more than six decades of oppression and criminality. The Zionist Kriegsmarine may very well gang up on the civilian ships transferring relief materials to the besieged people of Gaza . One even can’t rule out the possibility that some activists might get hurt. In the final analysis, violence, coercion and cruelty are the natural trademarks of Zionism. This is the way they think they can feel virile and manly…by starving and killing children and posing for a photograph right beside the kill.!! None the less, this is already going to be a losing battle for the nefarious state. Exposing the cruel, or more correctly the Nazi nature of Israel, will be a victory for the forces of freedom and humanity and a definitive defeat for the forces of cruelty and hate. The Freedom Flotilla is really dividing the world according to its moral conscience. There are those who would rise up in solidarity with the people of Gaza, irrespective of any political ramifications that they might have to incur consequently. Turkey and a few other countries represent this camp par excellence. To its people and leadership, we say a big thank you. And then there are those who are watching, waiting to see how this episode will unfold. These are the morally-confused, people who are blind in this world and will be blind in the hereafter. And then there is the whoring western world and its numerous puppets, including the US government, and some European states, such as Germany and Italy and probably the government of France as well,   which are reluctant to force Israel to lift the sanctions on Gaza for totally unjustifiable reasons. As to the Jewish people, apart from a small minority which deserves admiration, they seem to prefer to worship the Golden Calf rather than obey Moses an Aaron. I am saying this because supporting Israel right or wrong is an act of paganism and idolatry. True, Israel is tormenting the people of Gaza, indeed most Palestinians. This may make you happy. It might please you as it may make you powerful and important. But Israel is also killing your humanity, by making you insensitive to her crimes against another people, the helpless Palestinians. How many times did your Bible exhort you to refrain from tormenting the “stranger” amongst you because you yourselves were “strangers” in the Land of the Pharaoh?This is why you should wake up before it is too late.

In previous articles for the Egyptian Brotherhood website, Amayreh has called Israel a “sick and cannibalistic society that is as bestial as Nazi Germany was during the Holocaust” and accused Israel of the “wanton slaughter of children [which]occurs each day and every day of the year.

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