RECOMMENDED READING: “Mosque, Paediatrician and Radical Islamists”


GMBDW has obtained a translation of a major Polish newspaper report detailing the Global Muslim Brotherhood connections of the Liga Muzu?ma?ska RP (Muslim League in Poland) which is the sponsor of a new mosque planned for central Warsaw. An excerpt from the translation centers on Samir Ismail, the head of the Muslim League:

During the interview with Gazeta Wyborcza’s journalist, Ismail talked about his involvement in the international organisations. He mentioned years 2001-2002, when he had a seat on the Federation of Students and Youth Organisations, and years 2004-2005, when he was a member of the citizenship committee in the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE). My duty was to promote how to be a decent citizen – he said. However, from what Rzeczpospolita has discovered, it appears that as early as in January 2009, Samir Ismail’s name was on the FIOE list as the chairman of the educational division. The three-person work-group consisted – apart from him – of Walid Abu Shewarib, who was described as “the chairman of educational division in Islamic Congregation for Germany.” The 47-years-old Abu Shewarib, born in Gaza Strip, is a stateless person. He runs a travel agency in Berlin. Among other trips, he offers pilgrimages to Mecca. The prosecutor’s office in Munich as well as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Berlin shows his links with Hamas. According to Der Spiegel, in Islamic circles he is considered the chairman of Hamas in Germany. Shewarib firmly denies these accusations. However, in February 2009, the prosecutor’s office in Munich launched an inquiry into Shewarib’s activity, its subject being “frauds, money laundering, forgery as well as supporting the organizations listed on the EU list of terroristic organisations.” From the documents, possessed by Rz, it appears that Shewarib, commissioned by the chairman of the Islamic Community of Germany (IGD) – Ibrahim El-Zayat, was to collect hundreds of thousands euro and “pass them through the Belgian branch of al Aksa foundation to Islamic extremists.” Shewarib has been an influential member of IGD for many years. “It appears that the suspected El-Zayat and Abu Shewarib transferred considerable amounts of money. There is a well-grounded suspicion that through the suspected Shewarib the money went to terroristic organisations abroad” – the documents show. The prosecutor’s investigation continues.

Much of the information in the article was provided by the GMBDW which did a series of posts on the mosque and the Muslim League as well as the German investigation into Shewarib.

For the full translation, click here.

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