Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Launches Gaze Relief Campaign


Jordanian media reporting that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood has launched a campaign to collect relief for Gaza. According to the report:

AMMAN – The Muslim Brotherhood movement has launched a nationwide campaign to collect relief aid for Gaza, according to group officials. In a statement posted on the movement’s website earlier this week, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Jameel Abu Baker urged the public to contribute to the campaign with cash or food items, which will then be sent to the besieged enclave. The Islamist movement is currently accepting electric generators, medicines, medical supplies, computers, wheelchairs and books. Abu Baker said cash donations will also be accepted at the Professional Associations Complex in Shmeisani and Muslim Brotherhood branches across the Kingdom. Islamist officials said a convoy comprising dozens of trucks carrying the assistance will head to the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza via the port city of Aqaba within the next two months. Islamist officials, however, said they have not acquired permission from the Egyptian authorities to enter Gaza from Rafah, but insisted that they expect Egypt to allow the aid to enter. “The campaign aims at sending as much aid as possible to Gaza, particularly after Egypt opened the borders to minimise the impact of the siege,” said Abu Baker.The campaign comes against the backdrop of the recent attack on the international aid flotilla by Israel, which led to Egypt opening its borders with Gaza. Israel and Egypt have sealed Gaza off to all but basic humanitarian aid since the Islamist group Hamas seized control of the coastal enclave in June 2007.

Recent posts have discussed both the turmoil within the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood over relations with Hamas as well as the pivotal role played by the Global Muslim Brotherhood in the Gaza flotilla.

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