Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Wants Morsi To Cut Ties With Israel; Qatar Calls Israeli Actions “Filthy Crime”


The  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood  has issued a statement calling on President Morsi to sever ties with Israel over the latest Gaza conflict. According to a UPI report:

The Muslim Brotherhood called on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to sever ties with Israel and called for Egyptians to participate in protests across the country Thursday and following Friday prayers, Ahram Online reported. A statement released by the Muslim Brotherhood said the Egyptian government ‘cannot stand less than cutting all relations with the Zionist entity, since the Egyptian state needs to stand as a role model to Arabs and Muslims.’ Israel’s ‘criminal aggressions’ threatens regional stability, the statement said. The Muslim Brotherhood also condemned the United States for supporting Israel and lashed at Arab countries for ‘standing idly as Palestinian blood is shed.’…Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheik Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani also condemned Israel. ‘This filthy crime must no pass without punishment,’ he said during a meeting in the Saudi capital.

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