Egyptian President’s Gaza Rhetoric Escalating


AP is reporting on what it calls the harshest condemnation of Israel yet by Egyptian President Morsi. According to the AP report, Morsi warned Israel to halt it actions or “face the wrath of Egypt’s new leadership and institutions”:

November 16, 2012 Associated Press CAIRO –  Egypt’s Islamist president says his country will stand by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and demanded Israel stop its latest offensive on the Hamas-ruled territory. Mohammed Morsi says Egypt ‘will not leave Gaza on its own’ and warned the ‘aggressor to stop the bloodshed or face the wrath’ of Egypt’s new leadership and institutions. Morsi spoke on Friday at a mosque near his house on the outskirts of Cairo. The sermon was his harshest condemnation yet of the Israeli offensive. Morsi said he dispatched his prime minister to Gaza to send a clear message that Egypt supports the people there and will not tolerate the killing of civilians. Hamas is an offshoot of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt. The Brotherhood led protests across the country on Friday against Israel.

An earlier post reported that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood had issued a statement calling on President Morsi to sever ties with Israel over the latest Gaza conflict.

Another earlier post examined possible Egyptian reactions to the Gaza conflict.

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