Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Iran And Hezbollah Over Syrian Intervention


Egyptian media reported last week that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood condemned the Hezbollah intervention into the Syrian conflict blaming it on Iran and saying it will destroy “what was left of (Hezbollah’s) credibility.” According to a Daily News Egypt report:

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

May 26, 2013 The Muslim Brotherhood condemned on Saturday the Iranian intervention in Syria through ‘Hezbollah militias’.

The Brotherhood’s official statement came after Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah vowed to achieve victory in ‘the battle of Syria’ through a televised speech.

‘The Muslim Brotherhood … underlines their full refusal and total condemnation of foreign intervention in Syria,’ the statement read, alluding to Iran’s ‘direct or indirect’ intervention through Hezbollah. It stated that such intervention ‘destroyed some of what was left of (Hezbollah’s) credibility in the hearts of Arabs and Muslims… ‘

The Brotherhood accused the Lebanese group of having a ‘determined sectarian doctrine’ which involved it in the killing of Syrian people in Qusair and other cities.

‘Hezbollah lost their status in the hearts of Arab and Muslim people, that they acquired when they confronted the Zionist enemy,’ the statement read.

In its statement, the Brotherhood stressed its support of the Syrian people in their struggle to rid themselves of their ‘tyrannical regime’, accusing Bashar Al-Assad’s regime of massacring over a hundred thousand civilians. They called on other Arab and Islamic governments to take a strong political stance against the ‘murderous aggression’ against Syrian people and provide financial as well as moral support.

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In December 2012, in what appeared to be a dramatic reversal of the Mubarak era policy, Egypt’s ambassador to Lebanon said his country would pursue a relationship with Hezbollah, calling it a ‘real political and military force.” In April 2009, the leader of the Egyptian Brotherhood sided with Hezbollah in a dispute with Egypt stating “Our enemy and Hezbollah’s enemy are the same.”

A post from yesterday reported on comments by  Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi calling on Sunni Muslims to join the Syrian rebels. According to an AFP report, Qaradawi also sharply criticized Iran and Hezbollah alleging that Iran wants “continued massacres to kill Sunnis.”

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