New Poll Shows Dramatic Drop In Support For Egyptian President Morsi And The Muslim Brotherhood


Global media are reporting on the results of a new survey showing a dramatic drop in support by Egyptians for President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. According to a Middle East Online report:

3543827_370June 18, 2013 CAIRO – Three years after Tahrir and one year after the presidential election, President Morsi’s support has narrowed dramatically among Egyptians.

Dr. James Zogby, Arab American Institute President and founder of Zogby Research Services (ZRS), has released a new comprehensive opinion survey on Egyptian attitudes toward the Muslim Brotherhood. Surveying 5,029 Egyptian adults nationwide and conducted between April 4th and May 12th, 2013, the poll is the most extensive study of Egyptian public opinion.

One year ago, 57% of Egyptians said Morsi’s victory was either ‘a positive development’ or ‘the result of a democratic election and the results need to be respected.’ Today, that support has dropped to only 28% – almost all of it coming from his own party. Morsi has lost the rest of the country. As a result, more than 70% of Egyptians are dis¬satisfied with Morsi’s policies and his performance.

When asked to consider their reaction one year ago when Morsi won the presidential election, a majority (57%) say they either saw it as a positive development (22%) or could respect the result as it was a demo¬cratic election (35%).

From today’s vantage point, however, that number has declined to 28%, with half of all respondents seeing Morsi’s election as a setback for Egypt. The number of those who say they are resigned to the fact that nothing will change in Egypt doubles (from 10% to 21%) when perspective shifts from the time of the election to today—an especially worrisome sign.

In the major cities and in the tourist areas, concern that Morsi’s election was a set-back is quite high (58%), while fewer than one in ten respondents in these areas say it was a positive development. Among Christians, just 5% view Morsi’s election as a positive development and another 5% respect the election result, while 64% are concerned that it was a set-back for Egypt.

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