UK Muslim Brotherhood To Hold Lobbying Training


The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) has announced that together with the Cordoba Foundation, it was to have held a training session on “effective lobbying and campaigning.” According to the MAB announcement:

Muslim Association of Britain

An Intro to Effective Lobbying and Campaigning Date: 9th June 2013

Venue: Muslim Student House, 517 Moseley Road, Birmingham B12 9BX

This training seminar is brought to you by The Cordoba Foundation in association with the Muslim Association of Britain.   It aims to give the practical aspects to the training manuals produced by The Cordoba Foundation.   The seminar will provide you with practical guidelines and tips to ‘up-skilling’ with the necessary information, tools and guidance to become not just active but proactive citizens – and ultimately to play a better and more effective role in society.

The seminar aims to give those who attend, in particular British Muslims, the knowledge and confdence to engage with lobbyists, politicians, campaigns and people of infuence to bring about changes – from addressing national and international issues by lobbying MPs and Ministers, to local issues such as services provided to the surrounding community and residential areas.

Join Dr Anas Al-Tikriti as he guides you through the Lobbying process.”

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) had for many years been the most active organization in the U.K Muslim Brotherhood. Many of the leaders of the MAB left in 2007 to form the British Muslim Initiative (BMI). According to an Israeli think-tank report, the breakup appeared to be the result of a conflict between traditionalists in the MAB who were unhappy with the high level of involvement in U.K left-wing politics while those who who formed the BMI wished such activity to continue. Anas Al-Tikriti, the leader of the BMI, and former MAB official, is the son of Osama Al-Tikriti, one of the leaders of the Iraqi Islamic Party representing the Muslim Brotherhood in that country.

The Cordoba Foundation is also headed by Anas Al-Tikriti.

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