WAMY To Hold 12 Annual Conference In Morocco


Arab media is reporting that the12th conference of World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) will be held in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1. According to the Arab News report:

World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)
World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)

January 1 2015 The 12th conference of World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) will be in the historical Moroccan city of Marrakesh from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1.

Announcing this, Saleh Al-Wohaiby, secretary general of the WAMY, told a press conference here that WAMY conference is themed ‘Youth in Changing World.’ ‘

The theme for this edition of the conference stemmed from the fact that youth makes up about 60 percent of the population in Muslim countries, which is a great boon for all communities, but also puts pressure on service providers whether from government agencies or the private sector, especially education, health care and job market. Government and non-government organizations should give due care to them,’ he said.

‘Also, choosing Marrakesh as a venue for our conference was not accidental, but rather part of the policy of conducting our big events in all the continents. This time it was the turn of Africa, and we saw the city most suitable for our event because it has the modern infrastructure and the capability to accommodate our event that will host participants from over 80 countries,’ he added. ‘We have been warmly welcomed by Moroccan government to have our event there. The Embassy of Morocco in Riyadh played a big role in getting the matter progress smoothly,’ he added.

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Muslim Brothers were instrumental in the founding of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) and the organization continues to enjoy close relations with the global Muslim Brotherhood. US government agencies and officials have argued that WAMY has helped spread Islamic extremism around the world as well as sponsoring terrorism in places such as Bosnia, Israel, and India. In May 2013, Ahram Online published a useful history of the tumultuous and sometimes difficult to understand relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Global Muslim BrotherhoodAlthough the GMBDW reported in March 2014  that Saudi Arabia had formally designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and was among a group of Gulf countries that had recalled their envoys from Qatar over the issue, we continue to see contradictions in Saudi policy with respect to the wider global Brotherhood.

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