UK Will Not Release Full Report On Muslim Brotherhood Investigation


UK media is reporting that the UK government investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood will not be releasing a full report. According to the Financial Times story:

December 29, 2014 A controversial report into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain will not be published in full, the government has confirmed, with a summary likely to come out six months after it was originally meant to be released.

Downing Street has told the Financial Times that only the ‘principal findings’ of the report will be made public, and those will not come out until January.

Number 10 insisted there was ‘no change’ to the plans for publication. But when David Cameron announced the investigation in April, advisers said they expected it to be published in July and those close to the report had hoped it would be released in full.

Downing Street said: ‘The principal findings of the report will be published in the coming weeks.’

The report has been dogged by delays as officials and ministers tussle over its findings. Whitehall aides say it will not recommend proscribing the Brotherhood, an organisation that has prospered in the UK while being attacked for promoting extremism in certain Gulf states.

But ministers are concerned that this central finding could anger key commercial allies in the Gulf such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who some ministers say pressurised Mr Cameron into commissioning an investigation of the Brotherhood’s activities in the first place.

The UAE followed the example of the Saudis last week by banning the Brotherhood and listing it as a terrorist organisation. That was the latest example of the group’s fall in fortunes since one of its leaders, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted as Egyptian president last year.

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In October 2014, the GMBDW discussed a UK media report suggesting that the UK government is expected to order what is described as a “crackdown” on Muslim Brotherhood networks in the UK. In September 2014, we reported on another Telegraph story indicating that Britain was planning unspecified curbs on what were described as “Muslim Brotherhood-linked organisations” and blocking any Brotherhood “activists” from relocating to the UK. 

The GMBDW initially reported on the UK investigation in April. Since that time we reported in August that the investigation has concluded that the Muslim Brotherhood “does not pose a significant terror threat in the UK” as well as reporting that a leader of the “International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood” has said that he expects the UK government not to given to what he describes as pressure to label the Brotherhood a terrorist organization. We continue to await the actual public report on the investigation before drawing any solid conclusions.

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