Egypt Seizes Qaradawi Assets


Saudi media is reporting that Egypt has seized the assets of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi. According to an  Asharq Al-Awsat report:

Youssef Qaradawi
Youssef Qaradawi

January 4, 2015 Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat—Egypt has seized the assets of controversial preacher Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, seen as the ‘spiritual guide’ of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organization, according to a judicial source. Qatar-based Qaradawi is currently wanted in Egypt, after being charged by state prosecutors of inciting violence in his televised sermons.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the move was part of a mass seizure of assets of 112 members of the Anti-Coup Alliance group, which was formed to protest the Egyptian military’s ousting of Muslim Brotherhood-backed president Mohamed Mursi in July 2013.

‘These people are implicated in several cases related to funding terror plots and inciting acts of violence,’ the source added.

Dozens of attacks, including bombings and shootings, have targeted Egypt’s army, police and security personnel since Mursi’s ouster, acts the Egyptian authorities claim are being funded and organized by members of the now-banned Brotherhood. The group denies the accusations.

The assets seized by the state include all the personal property, real estate, funds and deposits in Egypt belonging to the 112 individuals, the source said.

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In January 2014, the GMBDW reported that Egypt had  charged Qaradawi, along with the deposed President Mohammed Morsi and 129 other individuals, on charges of organizing prison breaks during the 2011 uprising. In December 2013, the GMBDW was the first Western media to report that the international police agency INTERPOL had issued a “Red Notice” for Youssef Qaradawi which states that the Global Muslim Brotherhood leader was “wanted by the judicial authorities of Egypt for prosecution / to serve a sentence.”

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