Turkish “Intellectuals” Demand Support For Youssef Qaradawi Against INTERPOL Notice


A Turkish news portal is reporting that a group of scientists, journalists and writers is calling on Turkish authorities and Muslim countries to support Youssef Qaradawi after the international police agency INTERPOL issued a “Red Notice” for him based on an Egyptian request. According to the report:

January 10, 2014 After a red alert was issues for Qaradawi from Interpol, a group of scientist, journalists and writers from Turkey have said that they will not leave Qaradawi alone. They join more than 300 global Islamic scholars intellectuals and leaders who have signed a statement saying that any harm that befell Sheikh al-Qaradawi would amount to harm befalling them.

‘It also amounts to harm befalling moderate Islam in general,’ the signatories added.

Scholars and intellectuals lashed out at the recent addition of the prominent cleric’s name to Interpol’s wanted list, describing the move as an ‘irresponsible’ act and an ‘insult’ to Islam and Muslims.

The statement reads, ‘Yousf al-Qaradawi, in a legitimate elected election in 2012, Mohammad Morsi was ousted by a military coup in 2013, replaced by Egyptian President Abdulfettah es-Sisi and has since had a digified attitude. At the same time, Qaradawi has shared the joint pain of Muslims and has since persistently defended the Palestinian cause and has issued a fatwa that it is obligatory for Muslims to engage in jihad against the Zionist regime’.

The statement called on Turkish authorities and Muslim countries to support Qaradawi, the Chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

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The report goes on to identify the individuals who signed the statement.

In December 2013, the GMBDW was the first Western media to report that the international police agency INTERPOL had issued a “Red Notice” for Youssef Qaradawi which states that the Global Muslim Brotherhood leader was “wanted by the judicial authorities of Egypt for prosecution / to serve a sentence.” As we have often noted, a 2011 report report authored by the GMBDW editor concluded that since 2006, Turkey has become a new center for the Global Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

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Youssef Qaradawi
Youssef Qaradawi

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