European Campaign to Raise the Siege on Gaza Announces Planned Activities; Swiss MP Identified As Member


Muslim World News (MWN) has translated an Arabic language report detailing planned activities in European cities by the European Campaign to Raise the Siege on Gaza and identifies a Swiss MP for the first time as a member of the Campaign. According to MWN:

The Brussels based European Campaign to Raise the Siege on Gaza is preparing a series of activities in European cities to commemorate the first anniversary of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip which brought about the death of more than 1,400 casualties [shuhada], injured about 6,000 more and demolished the infrastructure, all under the shade of an ongoing siege. Josef Zisyadis, a Swiss MP and member of the European Campaign said that the Campaign is working – in cooperation with various legal authorities and those aiding the rights of the Palestinians – to commemorate the first anniversary of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in various European cities, in different forms. This to counter the Israeli diplomatic campaign to obliterate the truths / facts which appeared in the UN report of the Goldstone Committee, that blamed the occupation in committing war crimes in the besieged Strip. In a press statement on Thursday (24 September), which came into the hands of Quds Press, Zisyadis said: “The purpose of commemorating this anniversary is to remind the world of the full extent of the occupation’s crimes against the besieged Palestinian people”, emphasizing that “the Israeli propaganda tools will not cover the truth of the ongoing war crimes committed against innocents”. The member of the European Campaign further called for diplomatic and legal action, to assemble a legal committee and have a cohesive plan to deliver the UN report to the hands of the Security Council and the International Criminal Court in The Hague . The Israeli side, according to him, puts its efforts on preventing the report from reaching these places, in order to prevent its military and political leaders being reached legally. The Swiss MP, who visited the Gaza Strip after the war, described the Israeli aggression as a “war crime which obligates the sentencing of the leaders of the Israeli occupation”, emphasizing that what happened in Gaza is like a “strong earthquake which leaves neither stone nor tree, not to mention the siege, which prevents the re-building of Gaza”. Zisyadis further stressed the necessity to look for the truth and sentencing those in charge of violations of human rights or international humanitarian law, calling to compile files on Israeli individuals who took part in this war, from the highest ranking leadership to the simple soldier who shot children, women or civilians, so they could be arrested and be brought to court in Europe.

A Swiss media report from 2006 identifies Zisyadis as a former councillor of Lausanne City, member of the Vaud cantonal government, and one of two representatives of the Communist Labour Party in the federal parliament.

Previous posts have discussed the campaign aimed at ending the Israeli blockade likely orchestrated by the global Muslim Brotherhood and its European representatives. A NEFA Foundation report documents the numerous ties between the European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza and the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), essentially the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Recent posts have discussed plans by a British MP and the Campaign to launch legal action directed at the EU in regard to the Israeli blockade of Gaza and reported that a delegation from an anti-Gaza blockade campaign, likely the same group, had been expected to meet with high-ranking EU official Javier Solana.

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