U.S. Terror Suspect Son Of Local Muslim American Society Leader


The suspect in a recent terror indictment is the son of a former Vice-President of the Boston chapter of the Muslim American Society. A Boston news portal reported the indictment as follows:

The FBI affidavit filed in federal court in Boston paints a more sinister portrait of [Ahmad] Abousamra. It alleges he tried to join a terrorist training camp in Pakistan in 2002 and 2003, but was rejected by the Taliban because of a “lack of experience.’’ The affidavit alleges that Mehanna, who graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, plotted between 2001 and May 2008 with Abousamra and an unnamed cooperating witness to attack a mall, assassinate two unidentified members of the US government’s executive branch, and attack US soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The affidavit says that Abousamra, Mehanna, and the cooperating witness plotted in 2003 to randomly execute shoppers and emergency responders at a mall, but that they scrapped the plan when they were unable to obtain automatic weapons. It also alleges that Abousamra and Mehanna traveled to Yemen in 2004 in a bid to join a terrorist training camp, but couldn’t find one that would take them.

The report goes on to note that Abousamra, 28, is the son of Dr. Abdul Abousamra who was president of the Islamic Center of New England before moving to the Detroit area two years ago.

In its 2007 annual report, Dr. Abousamra was listed as  the Vice-President of the Boston chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS). The MAS, in turn, was identified in a recent Hudson Institute report as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and closely tied to the Egyptian organization. It should also be noted that both the Islamic Center of New England and its Imam, Talal Eid, also have ties to the U.S. Brotherhood.

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